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Cristián Inostroza (33) is one of the most important harmonica players in Chile and South America focused on diatonic harmonica in Jazz, Swing, Blues and Latinameric Folk Music. He is an artist of the prestigious German Seydel harmonicas [www.seydel1847.de], the oldest harmonica factory in the world with artists such as James Cotton, Charlie Musselwhite, Mark Hummel, Peter Madcat, Lazy Lester and many others.

He is the cover of June/July 2017 of the prestigous magazine Harmonica Word in UK [harmonica.co.uk]. Also, this year, he will be peforming and doing masterclasses at the "International Harmonica Festival 2017", in Bristol, UK and the "Mundharmonika Live Festival 2017" in Klingenthal, Germany for third time, two of the most important festivals in Europe.

He also has been in many countries, included three european tours around Italy, Poland, England, Spain, Holland, Czech Republic, Germany. Also United States, Brasil, Uruguay, Argentina, plus a extended range of activities in his country, Chile.

Actually he is promoting his albums about chilean and latinamerican folk music Voy y Vuelvo - La Armonica Popular Chilena (2016) and Salucita (2017), and other about jazz and blues, The Big Four (2017) and Pistonic (2016).

Currently, Inostroza teaches harmonica at the Santiago Blues School and he is an most importat harmonica educator for a new generation oriented to the jazz and chilean popular music in diatonic harmonica in Chile and Southamerica.

Official Websites www.cristianinostroza.com - www.seydel1847.de/Cristian-Inostroza



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